Hearts for Hospice Has Partnered with Pinnacle Consulting

"Our Pinnacle reports alert us to specific situations that require follow-up and provide an 'early warning system' to family and facility concerns."

Hearts for Hospice has partnered with Pinnacle Consulting to enhance our program and to give monthly feedback and comparisons regarding the satisfaction levels of our customers.

Through actual interviews, Pinnacle provides Hearts for Hospice with opinions from patients and families about our strengths and weaknesses.

We then process this information from your patients and their families into statistical representations of their opinions, which visually display the trends and patterns of our care.

After compiling Hearts for Hospice interview results, Pinnacle charts our monthly averages in each of the 15 key indicator areas. These results are also displayed with our year to date averages, thus demonstrating improvements or regressions made in each of these areas.

  • Monthly Averages
  • Monthly Trends
  • Year to Date Averages
  • Industry Averages and Comparisons
  • Company Averages and Comparisons
  • Best in Class Levels and Comparisons

These comparisons give you the statistical data needed to identify areas needing improvement and the capability to measure their specific outcomes.